My how time flies!  2021 marks the 16th year of business for Jodi O Photography and all of my amazing clients and colleagues along the way.

2020 was a crazy year for us all and it looks like we will be at this nuttiness for a while yet.  Thank-you Calgary for continually supporting me and one another during these tough times.

Standing side by side and watching one another’s backs, I know that we can get through anything.

We make a great team! 

While not working this summer, I spent time in the wild, falling in love with Southern Alberta all over again.  No tropical destinations, but close to home was better than anything.  Beachy shores, mountain views and starry skies.

Photos below are from the summer adventures taken on my phone which also means that professional pix of my beloved circle and most special places is again on my 2021 resolution list.  🙂

I had my gals to accompany me on the adventures and they, along with the signs and sounds firmed my unwavering gratitude for where I live and the life I have.

Here is to our bright futures along with all the ups and downs along the way.

If there is anything I can do for you and yours, please let me know,


Banff meories, searching for stories and train spotting.

Friends from adventures at the Ghsot.  My favorite place!

How, how temperatures met us for Writing on Stone Beach days.


Last round of camping had snow!  Meant we needed to dry wood, boots and TP by the fire.  All worth it for the scenic views.



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