Inglewood Fashion Photography

Earlier this year, I partnered with Chantel Cruikshank, the creator of a new fashion and lifestyle blog called Bow Luxe ( Since January, we’ve been exploring unique shooting locations around Calgary, including Chinook Centre and Inglewood, and capturing an array of Chantel’s personal curated fashion looks. As a photographer who loves variety and is always seeking new opportunities, collaborating on this project has been a great way to bridge my

On Location With Matsu Kaze Tea!

Meeting with Matsu Kaze Tea company was such a treat! I was able to take part in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and learn so much about conventional teas as well as cold and ice steeped varieties. For more information about what they do,

On-site Business Photography

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure to work with Lucy Pascal at her Midnapore SE Calgary practice. I thouroughly enjoyed captuing her love and passion for helping others. For more information go to her Talk Therapy website

What Can a Professional Photographer Do for You?

With so many photographers in Calgary, how do I stand out? With my personal and professional guarantee to you – to make you look great! Weather you have a corporate or business assignment, intimate Calgary Wedding or needing a fun family session, I can capture the images that you will never forget. What can I do as a professional photographer with 10 years experience? 1. Location Flexibility. Pick your place