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Enjoying the Moment! Fall Family Photography

Chasing this little guy was worth it! I have had the pleasure to photograph Mr L and his mama for a few years, and he never ceases to amaze me with his energy and how good he is at smiling for the camera – when he wants to! This is truly a little bit of heaven! On a warm fall afternoon with golden leaves I couldn’t ask for more. Take

Session # 2 – Fish Creek Fall Photos

At the time of this family’s photography session Sunday I reveled in our chats about Batman and Peter Pan. Now looking at the photos, I am laughing out loud! These boys were as good as gold for the shoot doing everything they were asked, but I still think Mum and Dad must have offered a pretty big bribe for good behavior! Getting a jump on family Christmas photos is a

Fall Family Photographers in Calgary

Last Sunday was a biggie for me!  I spent the afternoon in Fish Creek Park with some of my favorite families who I have the pleasure to photograph year after year. We laughed and we played and I left exhausted, smiling from ear to ear! I am so thankful to all of the families who have made me their family photographer out of all other CALGARY PHOTOGRAPHERS. These pix are

Calgary Headshot Photographer; What You Should Expect?

As a top CALGARY HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER, I always advise my clients before they schedule their headshot photography session to ask as many questions as possible.  This helps both of us share important information that is be very useful before, during and after the session. If I am dealing with a client who is a business owner, company executive or an owner of a practice, as a professional, I need to