New Year, New Studio and New Adventures

A friend told me that entering the new decade, this next year will be the only time we will have 2020 vision… for 364 days (2020 is a leap year 🙂

This is welcome news to my ears because 2019 was a whirlwind.  There was so many changes and was tossed on my buns quite a few times. 

Leaving my Sundance studio, which had been the home of Jodi O Photography for 14 years, was a great decision.  It was undoubtably time for a change and with it came a new space in my wonderful, weird, old Marda Loop location.

We had exploding pipes, over 100 hours of painting and cleaning, arranging and rearranging the rooms, plumbers, gas fitters and handy persons coming at all hours.

In my old studio, I was in such a routine that I didn’t need to consider any aspect of a shoot.  The lighting, back drops and client experience were so concrete that could have worked with my eyes closed.

This isn’t my life anymore.

With all the unforeseen issue that arose, I needed to reimagine every aspect of my business and let go of the things I can’t control. It took a little while and I am finally settled.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for everyone that offered their helping hands and kind words. Not to mention the endless patience from clients and friends as I found my way.

The work was all worth it.  My Marda Loop photography studio is in full swing, welcoming my head shot, family and boudoir clients with the highest level of photography service and speedy travel to all areas of the city. 

The new space is also the place that I hang my hat. Home… something that I have never quite felt before. It is a wonderful feeling! All of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the house, let me know what I am made of.  Certainly, not afraid of hard work and able to get any job done, without complaining… too much.

I have spoken to many families, businesses and individuals that had a record year for change and growth as well. None of us could have expected the challenges or obstacles life threw our way, but we are stronger and smarter than ever! 2020 will be a great year for us all, I know it.  The bumps and bruises behind us, bring an unstoppable energy for future success.

I wish you and yours all the best and am here to help your endeavours in any way that I can.

Big hugs,



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