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I love my repeat clients and helping their businesses succeed.  I could go on and on about my experience with Jill, but she says it better than I could!

Review from Jill

 “You look great!” – said my husband as he looked over my shoulder and helped me choose photos from our photo shoot with Jodi from Jodi O photography last November. 
Just before the last shutdown, as my new business partner and I were scrambling to get a new business started that would expand our horizons for 2021, we booked Jodi to do some photos for us and our new website My Retreat in Canmore.
Our new company “Retreats” will launch this year, and we needed photo’s for the website.  I lucked upon Jodi O photography, and when I called to check availability, she immediately took control of what we needed, making sure that we would be thrilled with our photos but also that she would be able to maximize the use of her time so we would get the best planned shoot possible, and therefore the biggest bang for our buck!  
Jodi asked what the retreats were about and for – They are learning retreats for Massage Therapists.
Jodi wanted to know how we wanted people to feel at our retreats- Taken care of, optimistic, part of a community, and refreshed from a couple days away.
Jodi asked where we were hosting these retreats – BlackStone Mountain Lodge in Canmore. 
And from having just that little bit of information she gave us incredible guidance.
Jodi told me, correctly, that the photo’s need to tell the story, they need to show the space, the food, the warmth of the luxurious hotel, and the glory of the mountains and the value of the learning our attendees would receive.
On top of having great ideas – Jodi totally followed through.  I look better in those photos than I possibly could have imagined, Tara also looked amazing, but I was expecting that.
We have lots of great shots, and those shots cover as much of what we will be providing as possible without a crowd of students, and she was the absolutely best to work with, professional, knowledgeable and fun, putting both my partner Tara and I completely at ease.
We had hundreds of shots, and once we picked the ones we wanted, she got them right back to us edited to perfection, and not just in colour but also in black and white which we hadn’t even asked for but I totally love.
I couldn’t be happier that we chose her for this project or with the photos we got from it, and I can’t wait to work with her again!
Professional photography can set your business apart from the competition and accelerate growth to new levels.
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