Jodi O Boudoir

Boudoir Photography that Captures Your Feminine Side

Imagine seeing yourself in a new, powerful, engaging,  and sexy light.

Feel the little bubble of excitement and warm glow that comes from boosting your confidence, finding contentment and feeling proud of all that you are. I want to give you that feeling and I can. Trust in me to bring the sexy, vibrant and beautiful you out, in a way that you will remember forever. I know every woman is beautiful and I’m working hard to empower women. 

Boudoir Photography that Is Life Changing

I have worked with many women and I can say that the experience changes lives. Women leave here practically skipping. They feel utterly fabulous with the photos to prove it. Something that sweatpants and bad hair days cant take away.

My boudoir photography services are unique to the Calgary area. A female only studio,  private photography studio, changing room and very friendly, professional and affordable environment.

 All packages come with edited digital images and hair and make-up artistry can easily be added.

For more information or to book your session contact me today.



I absolutely LOVE the pictures! You are so talented. From start to finish, it was such a great experience!  You are amazing.

You were right, it IS more for me than it is for him. Although, I’m having my maid-of-honor video his reaction to the album on the morning of the wedding…pretty excited for that!!!

Thank you again Jodi!”


“Thank you so much for everything! And by everything, I mean:
1- making us feel comfortable
2-being an amazing photographer
3- having an amazing studio, which you know so well, to know what works
4- making us look beautiful
5- airbrushing……. wow I need that everyday hahaha
I could go on and on

But I must say, thank you for being a great person, fantastic photographer and a wonderful business woman! I know you did this for us but I feel proud to have had the honor of working with you!



To see more of my boudoir session visit CALGARY BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHER

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