I am a Bumbler.

In the past I have used it for personal reasons(details won’t be disclosed here) but most recently, have used the app Bumble Biz to connect with business owners and other entrepreneurs.

Bumble biz is a tool used for networking and I have connected with entrepreneurs that I would normally not have met. Some are looking for mentors, investors or just a chat over coffee about the dynamics of their industry.

If you are looking for a modern way to connect with others in fields ranging from finance, marketing and anything else you can think of, I highly recommend trying it.

With my glowing review you can imagine how happy I was to have Bumble as my newest corporate client. Our first project together was their Night of Giving held at Craft on Tenth.

Attendees from Bumble Biz, Bumble BFF and the traditional dating site were in attendance with lots for fun and food for all.

I am looking forward working with Bumble on future endeavours together as a client and suing their Biz app as a tool to meet make business connections.


Event photography is a great way to capture the memories and fun times, but also provides professional photography to use in social media and promotion of your company in the future. 

With my years of experience I know that branding is important and will capture all the details that show off all the hard work, but also logos and merchandise that capture viewers and potential clients eyes.

Calgary events and conferences receive high res and web sized images in less that 24 hours which means you can show off the celebrations in record time.

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