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Modern corporate portraits that reflect your businesses culture and brand are essential in our fast paced digital world.  On websites or Linkedin, potential clients are flooded by a sea of internet information and the right headshots showcasing professionals help navigate the waters.

Not only do I strive to make sure you and your team looks approachable and professional, I make sure each portrait is infused with personality.  This way, when profiles are viewed in seconds online, potential clients feel like they already know you.

I strive to build a library of image for multiple uses.  Changing over time, print campaigns, online marketing and speaker series headshots will share the same vibe and are highly identifiable and relatable. Marketing budgets vary from company to company along with the uses and expectations for the photoshoot.  I am open to hearing the thoughts and guidelines you may have.  Value for your money is important to me and will always be taken into mind.

Shooting Calgary Headshots since 2005, I have learned many things about lighting and posing but the most significant lesson? How valuable your time is.  Always reliable and aware of the busy schedules for everyone involved, we will work quickly and efficiently whether you are at my photography studio located in SW Calgary or if I travel to your location.  Edited digital images with also be delivered in record time, often in less than 24 hours.

Another tool in my toolbox which leads to stellar business headshots is the understanding that most people hate having their photos taken. I am one of these people. I get that it is awkward to pose and even more uncomfortable to see our captured likeness afterwards, but knowing that we all see ourselves a little more harshly than others see us, leads to great conversations at the time of the photo shoot and makes me strive to make each person in front of my lens feel special and maybe even have fun.

Above are links to the gallery showcasing other professionals I have worked with

More examples can be seen on my Blog – CALGARY HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER

Options for On-site or Studio packages can be found above as well.  Many factors can go into the decision.  Number of people involved, schedules and budget all come into play.  I will do my part to make the sessions stress free and provide professional images no matter where our session takes place.

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I have been a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER IN CALGARY since 1995. I am a perfectionist in my own business and everything it encompasses. I work in all genres of photography and have an extensive portfolio in other areas as well as the business world. I have worked with several well know businesses and charities in the Calgary area covering headshots, product photography, events, architectural and more.


After the completion of your project, you will receive a high resolution edited images for your unlimited use in print and on-line*. Rights of use are outright, so there aren’t any incurring fees over time.


I have heard that dragging out processing a delivery increases the perceived value of the photographer’s time. I don’t agree at all. Projects will be edited and delivered within 2 weeks and in special cases can be delivered to you in 24hrs.

Creating perceived value doesn’t help you move forward in business and I can only value my own time if your needs are put first. The faster the better.


Yes it can be done. I know most people do not like to have their photos taken and I know the tricks for relaxed portraits that are modern and reflect the brand you are promoting. Lighting and posing is modern, never boring!


Looking for a studio product session? Location architectural shoot? Corporate headshots just before tee time? Prices and packages are catered to you and your specific needs depending on the who, what, where when and why.

You have a unique brand, packages are customized to your specific needs

Contact me with the details of your project for a custom quote

Passionate and personal service bringing you the best portraits

Studio or on location portraits to suit you

Highly skilled photographer who can bring your personalities to light

Capture a memory and share/enjoy forever. 

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