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There are so many variations of headshots on  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that I can’t even count anymore. I have seen so many variations from the outdated college pic to vacations with the family, bad cel phone shot and finally the non profile, that comes as social media default when you do not provide and image!

Chatting with other business owners and Calgary professionals I know that there are so many reasons to delay the process of booking your head shot session. Thinking about the time, monetary investment and questioning the impact it could really make are all valid reasons and concerns.

Along with the actual photography process, I am responsible as a professional with 12 years experience shooting CALGARY HEADSHOTS and business profiles to work with you and your team finding a package, timeline  the impact you want to make for the social media profile, advertising campaign and on your website.

What I always keep in mind is that people do business with people.  People they like, people they identify with and people that they trust.  This is our goal together, whether you come to me for a studio headshot session or if I come to your location to photograph you individually or with your team, is to show you for who you really are!  Confident, friendly and ready to help.  This is who we will show the world and potential clients who are ready to meet you.

To book your questions or to start the conversation about your headshot session CONTACT ME

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