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Finding the right boudoir photographer in Calgary can be overwhelming.  There are many of us with extensive portfolios, varying price ranges and options to add.

I also get that this is might be out of your comfort zone and you might be a little nervous.  As one client said to me “My boyfriend doesn’t even see me in my underwear!” If you are getting these photos for your sweetie as a wedding gift, a birthday/anniversary present or you are doing this just for yourself, I am here to help.

Studio – Located in Sundance SE Calgary, my studio is private and ever changing. Boudoir sets are always being updated and reimagined for fresh photos. If you have something specific in mind please send your ideas my way.

Hair and Makeup – You can do your own, with an extra coat of mascara and bringing along extra lipsticks for touch ups but you can also choose to have our in-studio team take care of it for you. We have lashes, rollers and time tested techniques that the camera loves, keeping your natural beauty in mind. We want the photos to look like you!

Posing – This is a key component to amazing photos and where my years of experience comes into play. I know we all have areas that we aren’t too fond of which is why I make sure the focus is on the parts of you that you love.

Editing – I choose a soft editing style. Like with makeup philosophy, I want the photos to look like you!

Outfits – There are a few things that I keep on hand.  Vintage lingerie, men’s dress shirts and lots of fresh white sheets, but my recommendation is for you to bring a ton of stuff, lingerie and otherwise, so we can narrow it down together.  A silky robe is a must, to cover up between sets and also for the photos!

Bring a friend? Yes, you are welcome to bring someone for support, but feedback from past clients is that the other body in the room makes it harder to focus.

Let’s celebrate every inch, together.

Whether is is the beginning of your search or the end, I am happy you came.

Contact me with questions or to book your session 

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A little history about Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is not a new genre of photography; it has been quite popular since the 1940’s. Over the years, Boudoir photography has become more popular with the comeback of the pin up era, it came with all the aspects that were attributed to it, boudoir photography was one of them.

As a Calgary boudoir photography studio owner and an experienced photographer, I have noticed how the modern world, women especially, have accepted this form of photography to tell their story; in a sensual and classy way.

My years as a photographer, I have been able to fully understand the art and beauty of boudoir photography, I have perfected the technical aspects such as lighting and photos for graceful, sexy photos.

Just before posing before the camera, it is advisable to know what you are getting into, this will mold your expectation; you can make guided decisions as to what you want and expect from your boudoir photo shoot.

Boudoir Photography Studios in Calgary Alberta

What is boudoir photography?

This is simply a genre of photography in which a woman poses for photography wearing as little as possible, sometimes, totally nude, but what you wear is totally up to you!

The word Boudoir is of French origin meaning a ladies private space or bedroom. Therefore, boudoir photography should be treated as a private affair by the photographer. Privacy is what I can guarantee you in my studio.

As I earlier stated, I try to ensure these photos are very elegant, classy because there is a thin line when taking photos of this nature but like the clothing choices the direction of the photos is at your discretion.

These shoots have become so popular, the male counterparts; husbands, fiancés and boyfriend have gotten involved, gifting these shoots to their special ladies. Women also have embraced this as well; they indulge in these shoots to celebrate milestones in their lives.

Couples sessions have also become a trend.  These sessions are a lot of fun and are a sexy way to showcase your unique love through photography.

boudoir photographer in calgary

Selecting a boudoir photographer

When a client looking for a good boudoir photographer comes to my studio, I try to get them to understand what I do, how I make the client feel comfortable enough in front of the camera.

I also do my best to ease the minds of anxious clients. This gives them a chance to feel the comfortable energy and professionalism they will get from me, when we get to shooting boudoir photos. 

What to wear

It’s really important to plan out what you will be wearing for the shoot. I advocate you wear what you are very comfortable in, most ladies go for simple lingerie, but if you want to try something different, by all means, do it.

Prior information about themes my client and I would work with, usually ensures I bring my A-game to the shoot. We also have to discuss any ideas you might have.Boudoir Photography Studio in Calgary Alberta


Although, I have a well equipped Calgary Boudoir studio, with accessories for different scenes, I also give my clients the option of choosing the location they would love to shoot in. a hotel room, or private location could be used.

In the studio to further the experience, makeup and hair styling sessions can be chosen. 

Understanding fully what Boudoir photography is all about, will help you find the right photographer for you.   

 Our gallery speaks volumes through images, showcasing the artistry behind headshot photography.

Embark on a visual journey of refined professionalism, skillfully curated by a Calgary photographer boasting 19 years of experience.