As a top CALGARY HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER, I always advise my clients before they schedule their headshot photography session to ask as many questions as possible.  This helps both of us share important information that is be very useful before, during and after the session.

If I am dealing with a client who is a business owner, company executive or an owner of a practice, as a professional, I need to know who they are, what their job or business is all about and what it stands for. This will enable me to  portraying who they are though the theme representing who they are  personally and what their company stands for today and is striving for in the future.

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When I am dealing with headshots for models and actors, the process is a little more straight forward all I need to do as the photographer is get to know them a little better and ensure my knowledge of them filters through the pictures.

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There are things should expect from your headshot photographer. Ask! Ask!! Ask!!!

As I said earlier, you can never ask too many questions, you are paying for the session and as  professional headshot photographer, I should be able to attend to all your questions and allay your fears professionally.

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Assuming you came to my studio to schedule a headshot photography session, I would expect you must have  been referred by another happy client or gone through the internet to find out information about what I do and seen my portfolio.

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I believe first impressions shapes how a business is viewed and I take pride ensuring I impress you in the most natural way possible. I understand that is what you are looking out for, well I am not a mind reader, but pleasing my clients is my forte.

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As soon as a client comes into my studio, I expect they see how well equipped it is, how well lit and comfortable it is.

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As a Calgary Headshot photographer I also provide a viewing of past photos in the studio as well so you get comfortable with my unique style of photography and also listen to my packages and products and all the information you need will be passed on to you during this period.

There are also other detailed questions I would answer concerning your sessions. They include:

  • How many shots would be taken?
  • How many wardrobe changes or looks I recommend?
  • Do I offer prints?
  • Do I get makeup and hair sessions as part of the fee?
  • Would I get touch ups on my photos?

Fun and Stress Free Photography in Calgary Alberta

These are questions I would be more than willing to answer you the best way I can in a professional manner.

I also advise clients looking for CALGARY HEADSHOTS, against trying to copy portraits exactly like someone else they have seen or another photographers work. Everyone is different and should be photographed differently. Be yourself! I will do my best to let your personality and professionalism shine through; which every works best for the kind of headshot you need.

Calgary Corporate and Business Photographer
Calgary Corporate and Business Photographer

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