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When it comes to your profession, first impressions are immensely important. After all, they are the first

thing your potential employer sees and judges you by. If you leave these employers with a poor

impression, the honest truth is that you may never get that contract or role you so-desperately want.

For these reasons, headshots are important beyond comprehension! With this in mind, having

headshots of the highest quality should be a huge priority on your to-do list. A well-versed, professional

Calgary photographer should be your goal – and for good reason!

Why? Let’s have a look….



When it comes to your dreams, you should always take photographs of yourself seriously. After all,

professionally photographed Calgary headshots are one of the single most-important aspects of landing

your dream job. Whether it be for acting or modeling, having high standards with regard to these is

necessary. Think about it – how would you feel if someone sent in a poorly taken headshot? Not very

enthusiastic, huh? Of course not! Headshots in the acting and modeling world are key, and you should

not take them lightly.


With both acting and modeling, you definitely want to accentuate your good features. While this

important fact may sound self-evident to you, every year many Calgary actors and models

send employers poorly taken shots highlighting the wrong features. So, when you send in your Calgary

headshots, make sure they do their job! After all, the entire point of these professions is camera time,

and we definitely take that into consideration. To put it bluntly, here at Jodi O Photography, we can

easily capture your good side!


Experience is definitely a highly-valued quality in the photography industry. Without it, you may find

yourself a victim of high prices for low-quality work. As top Calgary photographers we make sure to give

a great bit of ample time and energy in making sure your Calgary headshots shine! With us, your success

as a professional is extremely important to us, and we make sure to let that show in our work. Let’s face

it, you want a photographer that seriously knows what they are doing and we capture that want here at

Jodi O Photography.


To close, never slouch when choosing a photographer, especially when it comes to your beloved career.

If you do, you may find yourself included with the thousands of actors and models each year that take

headshots lightly, and ultimately pay the price. When you look for a professional headshot

photographer, you want to look for experience, great prices, and quality work. These important qualities

have never been in a more similar basket than with – trust me!

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