Ginger from Calgary Photoshoot

Calgary Photographers favourite images from fun fashion session. 

Sit right back and you will hear a tale… 

This Gilligan’s Island photography session is one that I will never forget! The fabulousness, fun and the fact that I will be cleaning tiki straw from my studio for years to come. 🙂

Big thanks go to everyone involved for making the Daisy Jean limited edition look-book campaign a big success. We had a great day and photos that will travel the globe in promotions for this unique brand.

My studio crew for the shoot

In front of the camera with her many SS Minnow shades of style – @sweetrubyblues

In studio Makeup Artistry by the talented –

and you can follow Daisy Jean on Instagram @daisyjean_floral

Behind the scenes makeup perfection with Mars in my studio beauty station.  Love Mars work and the space.  Perfect lighting for photos and HMUA magic.

The first character for our session was Ms Daisy.  The duality for her character was the typical sweet and innocent style shown in the Daisy Jean broach but we also added a touch of jealousy with just the right amount of side eye.

The skipper is joyful and jovial but has a temper and loves to express that anger to his first mate…

Oh Gillian! Simple and sweet with iconic white hat and stripy shirt, we imagined you also as the mastermind manipulating the other characters with seemingly innocent mischief.

Money and elegance are the keys to understanding Mrs and Mr Howell.  The floral chandelier is my favourite prop from the shoot and I love how this little addition adds so much to the overall image.

The professor is undeniably clever and just a tad smug because of it.  Who can blame him?  On the show he made countless inventions from nothing but coconuts,

Sweet Ruby Blues shone as Ginger, the poster girl for glamour and sultry siren sexiness!

The finale of our session was the SS Minnow Necklace and earrings.  Fit with fun beachwear we headed to the tub for bubbly fun!

Final Thoughts…

The Daisy Jean Gilligan’s Island shoot was customized to their brand also infused with eclectic personality.  We chose to feature a duality of sides for each character as well as headshots, full body and product photos. This offers variety of images for Daisy Jean promotions in print and on-line.

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