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Ever heard of the quote ‘dress the way you expect to be addressed’? This pretty short quote actually governs a whole lot in different spheres of life. Business partners, friends, colleagues and even random individuals tend to be judgmental, this is not by their own volition, I must say, but it is just a natural trait of the human species. You walk into a room, people tend to gauge who you are, what you stand for, and if you are friendly or a trait.

This definitely applies to headshots, Calgary Headshots not excluded I must add. The headshot is actually a rudimentary aspect that solidifies what your business stands for.  Having a headshot of your employees as well depicts a very solid front. It gives your business away as a complete team. Who wouldn’t want to work with you?

Are you the happy-go-lucky business owner? A professional who knows his onions? Is your business that shows you are to be taken seriously? Is your business built on family values you want to share with others? A professional headshot can tell your client, potential business partner all these without saying one word to you, the business owner.

Learning the ropes of headshot photography as a Calgary photographer has given me in-depth understanding of how I can use my lenses to give a short business profile. This I do for all my clients who are mostly business owners, professionals; doctors, lawyers and so on who own private practices.

The main aim of a headshot is to create a polished, professional shot of the head and shoulders of a client in a very simple and clean background. The pose of this kind of photo should be authoritative and engaging in the most subtle way possible, I try to ensure my client is not viewed as headstrong or mean but a professional; yeah a photo can give such impressions.

I also try to ensure my headshot photographs give that critical connection that is usually established when a headshot is seen, this is very important in establishing trust and authority before meeting the person viewing your headshot. This alone edges your competitors without having to break a sweat.

As a Calgary headshot photography I always advise my clients who are in need of a professional headshot to consult me before the day of the photo shoot in order to ensure I get to know you and a thorough understanding on how your business is run, so you get photos which totally depicts who you are and most importantly what your business stands for.

As a professional, you do not need a headshot of a bakery business owner and vice versa. If you do, it misrepresents you, oozes unprofessionalism. This error falls totally on you the headshot owner, after all you are the person viewed.

The biggest mistake you can make as a growing or established business or practice is to use a company logo instead of a headshot, this is just not acceptable, I wouldn’t want to deal with a human-less business, my opinion isn’t personal, it is shared by a lot of people I can assure you.

Finally, as a one of the top Calgary photographers, I say that with all modesty, a professional headshot shouldn’t be all about how attractive it is.  It should be about how appealing it is to new and old clients, partners, depicting how trustworthy and open your business is to reach new heights.

 Our gallery speaks volumes through images, showcasing the artistry behind headshot photography.

Embark on a visual journey of refined professionalism, skillfully curated by a Calgary photographer boasting 19 years of experience.