Calgary wedding photographer; getting pictures that tell a story

Over the years as a Calgary wedding photographer, I have seen the job description of a wedding photographer change dynamically from one who takes shots only when it is convenient ‘the cheese moments’ to one who takes pictures capturing when the couple, guest and family are unaware of the photographer’s lenses.

These new twist has changed how pictures turn out. They are now so engaging, they tell their own stories; the couple is the lead actors and their guests starring as well.

Modern day wedding photos no longer need to be hidden in an album dumped in an attic, gathering dust. Couples use them over and over again, telling people the story of how love was expressed and the pictures capturing the moments.

As an experienced CALGARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER I have learned to adapt to the new trend and I have also tried to get my intending couples who I get to photograph to join the bandwagon.

Creating a shot list

I try as much as possible to convince couples to think ahead about shots they would love to have and captured during the big day and get a list compiled so they don’t forget. This is really important when talking pictures with family.

There isn’t anything more depressing than remembering after the wedding you didn’t take a picture with your aunt who traveled a long distance to grace your wedding.

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Scouting a location

It is advisable to scout for a place you would love to have your wedding shoot. The beach, a barn or that lovely scenery you would love to be a part of your wedding. It is also important to inform your photographer so we can go there if possible can or get pictures from you so  be well prepared for your shoot.

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Shooting small details

I always have this smile on my face every time I capture the small details that end up bringing life to the wedding album, from a sleeping ring bearer to a bridesmaid teary eyed while the couple takes their vows, it just adds the ‘wow’ factor into your wedding album.

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Raw Images

Most times, the best pictures are taken raw. This is what I tell my clients and it is not just folklore but a reality. Overly photo shopped photos make the photos superficial, losing the true essence of the photos.

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Group shots

I love it when I can capture everyone at the wedding in one shot. Group photos are always fun and I try my best to ensure my clients understand this adds to the beauty of the photos. The wedding should be about everyone, not just the bride and groom; I ensure my photos portray that effectively.

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Expecting the unexpected

One advice I give my clients is to expect anything on their big day. Things could go wrong; working a way around this is what makes it more fun, they end up giving memories to cherish. When the unexpected happens, I just click away.

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Finally, I tell my clients to have fun. This will definitely show when the photos are out. Who wants to see photos of a frowning Bridezilla. Not me!


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