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Step into the world of grace and movement with our mesmerizing headshot photography, skillfully crafted by a highly experienced Calgary photographer with 18 years of expertise.

In this gallery, we celebrate the artistry and passion that dance instructors bring to their craft. Through captivating images, we capture the essence of their expertise and the joy they inspire.

Join us on this visual journey as we showcase the beauty of dance and the dedication of those who teach it.

About Maria Soledad

Maria Soledad is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, an ADHD Candidate Coach with MentorCoach, and a candidate for the Professional Association for ADHD coaches (PAAC), holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Lethbridge and a Master’s degree of Dance from York University.

Maria Soledad’s coaching approach is rooted in positive psychology, but through an ADHD lens. She partners with clients to explore who they are, understand executive functions, build awareness around strengths, and recognize ADHD impacts. Together we partner to identify patterns, set and develop goals, create step-by-step plans, build skills, and identify and utilize strengths so the client achieves success.

Maria is also the proud owner of Tango for Soul in Calgary where she teaches adults to dance Argentine Tango and to connect to the self and others. To dance tango is to express who we are, past and present, letting the music enter our bodies and transform movement into a meaningful and enjoyable embrace.

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Maria Soledad Coaching
Tango for the Soul – Owner / Teacher
Phone: 403-922-7903

 Our gallery speaks volumes through images, showcasing the artistry behind headshot photography.

Embark on a visual journey of refined professionalism, skillfully curated by a Calgary photographer boasting 19 years of experience.