Calgary Photographers

Well, our world changed in a hurry, trading our regular hustle and bustle for self isolation. I have been living my best pandemic life staying put but miss working with clients more than I can express.

There has been lots of time to reflect and as usual I am brimming with gratitude for friends, family, the city we live in and the technology that keeps us connected during this time.  Along with the gratitude, I have an unwavering faith that we as a city, province and country will become stronger and more focused on what really matters. Our bootstrap back bone has helped us overcome many tough times in the past and we will do it again, together.

Sending a big thanks and virtual hugs and high fives to all the helping hands and hearts who are hard at work during the stressful times.

I will keep the blog post of client smiling faces rolling because we need joy and the celebration of one another now more than ever.

When we are given the thumbs up to resume business, I will be release studio and on-location photography protocol and practices but for now I will say to you and yours that I am here if you need me,


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