Have you ever thoughts that you are not photogenic or are you nervous about having someone take your photos?

During a family photography or  corporate headshot session or at an important event

you may feel awkward, but soon you will be laughing and having so much fun with Calgary photographers.  Jodi O Calgary photographer has 12 years experience in all genres of photography and brings every element of her professionalism to you!

From the time that you decide to have Jodi O part of your  events, weddings, Calgary headshots and families sessions, there are  feel-good effects because of her ever readiness to answer any questions you may have.  She is here to help!


Calgary photographers gives her  advice and recommendations whenever you you need it,she is always available.

You will be so happy that you choose Jodi O Calgary Photographers not only do she  have beautiful wedding and engagement photos that you will definitely fall in love with and cherish forever, but also her commitment to making your family photo and corporate photos unforgettable.


Jodi  will help you find a location that that fits your style and provide scheduling options that are perfect for your busy life.

She captures the little moments that make your time together special as well as posed images for a more refined and polished look.


The beautiful photos will always bring you back to those special moments.


Calgary photographers will make your wedding special and give you so many beautiful photos to remember your day. You will be pleased and look forward to having the pleasure of having Calgary photographers to give you professional services that reveal the big moments of your wedding day and give you warm memories throughout your life!

For your wedding photographer, Candid moments are captured throughout the day.  Ceremony and receptions shots are very unstructured.  Magic unfolds naturally.  Formal photos are the most staged with a relaxed attitude.  Jodi O understands the importance of fun photos as a couple, wedding party and with your families.


Because Jodi O understands your modern classic tastes, she knows that  couples top  priorities for their wedding. Not only a photographer whose work matches your style but packages that include edited digital images for your unlimited posting and printing. It takes of extensive research to find the perfect photographer’s your hard work will pay off with Jodi O Calgary Photographers.


Working with Calgary photographers is like catching up with old friends. Not only does Jodi love the ability to get down to business and do amazing work she had a wicked sense of humour and positive attitude making each meeting (and shoot) an absolute pleasure.

Photographing events, weddings, headshots and families in a loving friendly manner.


Your photos will  turn out beautiful, fun, and full of love with the expertise experience of Calgary


Jodi O Photography is exactly what you are hoping for!


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