We all know the saying “A picture says a thousand words.”  This has never been more true in the case of headshots.  Potential clients will get a feel for your personality and create a friendly rapport, even before you meet face to face.  Professional  portraits also show that you are willing to invest in your professional image.

When searching on-line for the Professional Photographers in Calgary that is right for you, take a look at portfolios, credentials and be sure to ask a lot of questions.

The question I am asked most often is how we can make the session work with clients busy schedules in mind.  I know that we all have busy lives with work, family and everything else in between.  As full time photographer, I can accommodate your calendar, day or night.

The following images are a quick update of my most recent work with Calgary business owners and actors.  I used time tested posing and lighting techniques and incorporated a little photo-magic.  The pix look fab and we had fun.  Something most clients don’t expect from a photography session.

More images and blog posts to follow.

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