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Embark on a visual journey with a calgary photographer boasting 18 Years of Experience.

Much like an artist crafts a masterpiece, Melissa’s work is a masterpiece of the heart and mind. With her expertise and unwavering dedication, she sparks joy and transformation in the lives of those she serves. Join us on this visual odyssey as we applaud Melissa’s dedication to empowering individuals and guiding them in manifesting their dreams.

About Melissa Baisi

Meet Melissa Baisi, Registered Psychologist and Attachment Coach!

Melissa is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping individuals manifest the life of their dreams. With a strong foundation in psychology, Melissa graduated in 2015 from Nova Southeastern University with a degree in Psychology.

Melissa believes in the power of healing attachment wounds and fostering secure connections to create a solid foundation for manifesting. With her compassionate and holistic approach, she helps her clients identify and release emotional barriers, enabling them to align their thoughts, emotions, and actions with their desired manifestations.

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For more information on Melissa visit attachmentrecovery.com

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Embark on a visual journey of refined professionalism, skillfully curated by a Calgary photographer boasting 19 years of experience.