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Tiana competed in the Miss Calgary pageant on June 26, 2021. She loves to look her best by dressing in beautiful clothes and doing her hair and make up. Tiana also has a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. By competing in pageants she hopes to show that girls and women can have the best of both worlds: they can be girly girls that love pink while also pursuing male-dominated fields like STEM. She aims to break the stereotypes that surround pageantry and around women in STEM; for her, the question is not “can I be both?” but rather, “how can I be both?” Another part of her platform is to focus on mental health and literacy, as she loves to read. 

The pageant experience allowed her to dress up in a beautiful gown and get her hair and makeup done, but also allowed her to practice important skills; an interview, speech, and Q&A portion that required public speaking, and how to show confidence and poise through body language, which is most evidently seen in the pageant walk. The walking portion was one of Tiana’s favourite experiences because so much of our communication is nonverbal; it is dictated by our body language. If we can learn to master the art of body language, which accounts for 60-80% of our communication, we can use it to create great impressions in our relationships, business, and even love.  
Ms T’s adventures can be followed on Instagram @tiana.andrea.m

Working with some many interesting clients I believe that Ms T is my first neuroscientist. 

She visited the studio for professional photography to launch her entry into the Miss Calgary pageant with images that show brains, beauty and high fashion sass.

Putting together the shoot was a blast and we infused the session with inspiration from “The Housewives”, classic Guess ads and her genuine love of life.

Images are a success because of our hard work together and the makeup artistry that my team put together.

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