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Fun and stress free photography in Calgary
Fun and stress free photography in Calgary

Family they say, is everything. They are the most important set of people in our lives, making every moment we spend with them so valuable. Being a mother and a top CALGARY PHOTOGRAPHER, I understand how these relationships are, after all I am in a family myself; I understand the value of photos reliving memorable times we get to share with our families.

You may not realize the sentimental value of these pictures until you need to tell a story or reminisce some memories, then you will understand that photos actually mean more than a thousand words to you and those you cherish.

Having family photographs taken can be a huge deal, it should not be so daunting and overly stressful to achieve, the most important aspect is for it to be as memorable as possible. You don’t want to relive such memories with a tinge of sadness, of how you were stressed up organizing, you didn’t look good enough or you got into a small fight with a cherished family member. We all get into such mini- brawls with family when stressed and trying to get them together for just an hour, amidst hectic schedules.

The, main reason for this article is to share with you vital tips to keep your family photographs free of stress and very memorable. These simple but highly efficient tips include:

Fun and stress free photography in Calgary
Fun and stress free photography in Calgary

Booking a session

Right before booking a session, it is very important to ensure you have all modalities figured out. Ensure everyone to be photographed will be available on the said date and will be on time. If you have any theme or color schemes to be followed, ensure that is sorted out as well.

This is also part of the information you need to pass to your photographer so he is aware of the project. You also have to find out if he is capable of delivering on the said project.

I have been part of different sessions and what makes it very successful for me is ensuring my client is clear and concise in relaying what they need for the session to be successful.

Fun and stress free photography in Calgary
Fun and stress free photography in Calgary

What to wear

What to wear can be a very daunting task. With a huge variety of clothes to choose from, especially when you are not sticking to a theme, a lot can go horribly wrong. You might end up messing up a shoot with an over the top choice of clothes or disappear into the background when you are dressed in a simple manner. To get it right, these tricks could help:

  • Search the internet for ideas
  • Chose colors you love, be a decorator while choosing, this trick works all the time.
  • Accessorize if you must use a neutral pastel. Scarves, sweaters, jewelries can give a fabulous ‘umph’ to your style and photographs

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Preparing kids for the shoot

This is actually where getting a professional photographer who knows his onions, patient and very tactical enough to walk around your child’s nap and feeding times. As a professional photographer with family photography experience, I have learned that grumpy kiddos worsens the situation.

Please bring treats to calm your child or children down, as well as small toys, books and blankets.

Last but not the least, prepare your kids for the shoot by informing them before time to ensure they are aware of the schedules and keep to them.

These are the basic tricks I ensure my clients work with as a Calgary photographer, when planning their family photographs.

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