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Calgary Headshot Photographer sharing smiles and inspiration! 

With such amazing clients, how can I possibly narrow down the images to share? 

The truth is that most times I can’t.  This session with Jennifer Buchanan is no exception.  Taking the time and investing in my biggest studio package was the right choice for her. We made sure that we explored all the facets of this Calgary entrepreneur and all the aspects of her as a mentor, coach and business owner.

The result is headshots in studio and out around Calgary that we both love.

To find our more about Jennifer’s music therapy genius visit

A complete business feature and more images coming soon!



With 15 years experience with Calgary professionals Jodi brings her extensive technical knowledge to each photography session providing top of the line headshot photography.

Jodi O Calgary Headshot Photographer

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 Our gallery speaks volumes through images, showcasing the artistry behind headshot photography.

Embark on a visual journey of refined professionalism, skillfully curated by a Calgary photographer boasting 19 years of experience.