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Capturing Creativity in Calgary: The Artistic Headshots of Brendan O’Callaghan

Learn about the Importance of Professional Headshots Step into a world of visual storytelling, masterfully crafted by a highly experienced Calgary photographer with 18 years of expertise. Join us on this captivating journey as we celebrate Brendan’s artistic dedication, where imagination comes to life on his canvases, inviting viewers to wander through dreamscapes created with passion and vision. About Brendan O’Callaghan Brendan O’Callaghan is an emerging artist located in Calgary,

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Finding Strength in Adversity: A Personal Trainer’s Story of Triumph

I recently had the pleasure of working with a client who has an incredible story of resilience and strength. Shortly after turning 50, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and went through surgery and years of immunological treatments that left her feeling scared and hopeless. Her weight shot up to 225 lbs, and she was struggling with depression and related health issues such as high blood pressure and borderline Type

Canadian Broadcaster professional headshot

Celebrating 20 Years of Capturing Calgary’s Finest: The Power of a Great Headshot

Celebrating 20 Years of Capturing Calgary’s Finest: The Power of a Great Headshot Hey there, Calgary! It’s been an incredible 20 years since I first embarked on my photography journey in our beautiful city, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the fantastic variety of clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with. From snapping portraits of our very own Prime Minister to immortalizing Canadian media legends and capturing Calgary’s

Happy New Year!

Season’s Greetings from your Friendly Neighbourhood Photographer So many of the great people I have recently met celebrate Christmas traditionally.  Big trees, large family gatherings and some partaking in religious observances.   Just as many people I met this year don’t celebrate Christmas at all.  I, your Calgary photographer, love hearing about their cultural, political and religious backgrounds and their world views help me expand my own.   The differences

Best in Calgary 2022

Thanks again Calgary! Jodi O Photography has been voted Best in Calgary 2022! Thank you to all the amazing people that have made this honour possible. Each of you have been such a pleasure to work with and I’m excited to see what 2023 brings for all of us! Your reviews have been so delightful and humbling to read. It is because of each of you and the trust you

Happy New Year 2022 – Best Wishes from Calgary Photographer Jodi O

Photography, Fun and More Big Changes 2021 was another year for the books.  Calgary, Canada and the world had many ups and downs living in our new normal.  Everyday there seemed to be a whirlwind of question marks and being unsure of what to expect, many of us have taken it in stride asking “What next?” with a smile and confidence we had not known before. Because of lockdowns and

Best in the City

Calgary Top 5 Photographers Announced! Working for 16 years in a city that I love has been an honour.  With gratitude and big hugs to all my clients, friends and supporters I am proud to show off… just a little. The Best Calgary recently released a listing of top YYC Photographers and Jodi O is featured among the top for Headshots.  High fives and praise are whole heartedly accepted as

Monica Models and Jodi O Photography

Photo Magic One Year in the Making! It has been a year since my first shoot with the talented models from Monica Modelling Agency, in studio and on-site at their Calgary office, every session has been a blast and each session better than the last. Photographing their new talent has given me great insight to the ins and outs of modelling in both the commercial and high fashion industry and

Acting Photography Session

Acting Headshots with Calgary Talent

So Many Head Shots in Calgary So Little Time! Life has gotten busy and my little photography studio has been in full swing again.  My sessions with recent clients have been interesting with the new distancing norm and hearing what new normal has been like for clients and their families. The photos are amazing from this young ladies session as we enjoyed the warm evening weather, exploring the Marda Loop