I am just going to say it Calgary… you need a new headshot. 

Looking on Linkedin, there are still so many of you that have outdated, irrelevant, or bad phone selfies as your profiles. 

This tells me that the images that depict you on other social media, websites and professional context are equally terrible. (Maybe a little harsh, but none-the-less true). 

I hear everyone say the words “I don’t judge.”  Most often these words are used in a personal context, but the truth is, in our personal and professional lives, we do judge, harshly.

Sometimes these impressions are made without even realizing it, but the information gathered from scrolling profiles or visiting websites for nanoseconds, viewers decide if they see someone who is likeable, professional and trustworthy.

Headshot photographer in Calgary, Alberta


The professional photography service I provide is truly an investment. Value included is the wide variety of images delivered with each package. You can expand the uses with the same brand familiarity, showing the world that you are a leader in your industry.  Lightning fast delivery of his res images along with included editing is a power punch to your photography budget.

On-site Headshots or Studio Sessions –

Maybe you have a team working along side you that also needs an update. I can travel to your place of work for onsite headshot sessions that are catered to your needs.  Quick sessions with simple headshots are an option if time is limited or the subjects really hate any time in front of the camera or longer time per person if a variety of images are needed.  Several backdrops can also be chosen for additional options. Group shots can also be added to these packages.

Team photos are one way that on-site sessions make life easier, but for solos shoots, on-site can add personality and flare that is unique to you.  We can take time on-site to focus on the industry you are in with images that can’t just be taken anywhere.

What I do – 

Since 2005 I have been working with Calgary professionals providing headshots that are infused with personality and sessions that are stress-free.  

What does this means for you? Trust me with the technical details such as lighting, posing and 101 details that are essential to convey the right images.

Relaxed Confidence –

Feedback from clients time and time again as they are leaving the studio is “That was so much better than I thought!”  I know that this has nothing to do with their personal impressions of me before the shoot, but a consistent dislike that most of us (including myself) have towards being photographed.  My studio is very casual with it’s professional backbone and has a “come as you are attitude”.  My shooting style is friendly, as I genuinely aim to connect with each client, no matter how much time we have together.  The chatting and laughter from each session is what is conveyed in the resulting photos. Which is why the feedback from clients after receiving photos is

“You really have captured something.”

Mission accomplished accomplished.

So Calgary, what do you think?  Ready to take the next step for un updated profile photo?

I think it is time and I am here to help in any way that I can.

If you have questions or would like to book your spot, send me a message at

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