Calgary Photographer

Trip down memory lane through 15 years photographing Calgary Weddings!

Continuing my trip down memory lanes, I dipped my toes into pix from past weddings.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to share these photos with you now.

Looking back I remember the range of venues throughout Calgary that my amazing clients shared their day and love story with me.

Hot summer days, freezing in the depths of winter, country churches & fields, modern downtown locations and everything in between made for contagious smiles now and then!

I am becoming quite energized by seeing these faces and will continue sharing, so stay tuned!

Take care Calgary,

Jodi O



Using my year of experience i have provided fun and affordable wedding photography to Calgary couples as a top Calgary Photographer. I have truly loved every minute of the weddings I have photographed and with everything I have learned along the way, there are a few things that have stayed true and lasted the test of time.

Cornerstones for wedding photography are:

Complete direction from you. Editing and shooting reflect my classic style and your personalities to a tee. I make sure I know what elements are the most important to you. Details? Family?  Getting it over quick?  Understanding that each wedding is different, I make sure my time is spent with your values in mind.

Affordable packages without sacrificing quality.  Giving the best bang for your buck, my hourly rates can be applied to the times of the day when photos are most valuable and memories most needing to be captured. 

Digital files are always included and with expedited delivery.  Many clients receive their pix in a week to share the excitement right away.

I am excited for 15 more years photographing weddings, families, boudoir and headshots in Calgary and thank-you all for your support.

Long live fun photography!


 Our gallery speaks volumes through images, showcasing the artistry behind headshot photography.

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